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Wonder-Kote Products:

A reputable water-proof product made in USA with different formula addressing various applications with positive and negative pressure.  The product is non-toxic, applicable on almost any surface from metallic, wood, glass and concrete with Class A Fire Protection (ASTM E108) capability, strong elasticity and can be applied on wet surface .

 Western Blended Products:

Western Blended Products is a line of exterior products for the stucco industry. The products are ideal to build one coat or conventional stucco walls. We provide a wider range of colour and texture to stucco walls with traditional cement color coats or modern resin based finishes.



roadware logoROADWARE Products:

Leading product made in USA with MICROWELDING technology.  The extremely low viscosity that allow deep penetration into concrete repairing hairline cracks or larger to accommodate harsh physical environments.  The CONCRETE MENDER can be applied with minimal preparation, very low odor and repaired area are fully ready for traffic in approximately 10 minutes after the application.





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FlexKrete Technologies:

FlexKrete is a revolutionary fast-set concrete repair material with superior adhesion that retains flexibility unlike anything else available. Setting 3 – 4 times harder than concrete & with fast setting properties, unaffected by road salts and freeze/thaw conditions where the repairs can be back in service within one hour of application.